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Asthma Campers Learn about Air Quality

Clean Air Carolina was at Camp Open Airways in Kannapolis, NC this August leading a session on air quality education for 29 kids with asthma. High School volunteers assisting with the program held air quality flags up for the campers to see as they learned a song...

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CAC Launches Summer Meetings with Ozone Gardening

On Saturday, July 22, during the height of Ozone Season, we launched our very first membership meeting and a public workshop on how to create an Ozone Bio-monitoring Garden. Did you know ground-level ozone pollution not only impacts human health, but plant life too?...

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Citizen Scientist: Climate Change Economics

In the politically-charged world of climate change, an important paper appeared in Science last month, written by Solomon Hsiang and 11 others, assessing the regional impacts of the projected changes in climate on the economic productivity within the U.S.

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Clean Air Carolina Joins Lawsuit Against Federal Highway Administration

Clean Air Carolina, represented by the Southern Environmental Law Center,  filed suit along with Natural Resources Defense Council and U.S. Public Interest Research Group against the Federal Highway Administration on July 31st for unlawful suspension of a final greenhouse gas (GHG) regulation that would require states to measure and set reduction targets for GHGs emitted by on-road vehicles on the national highway system (the GHG measure). The suspension was done without notice or opportunity for public comment.

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A Clean Air Summer: Farewell to Our Interns

Clean Air Carolina has had the pleasure to work with very talented interns this summer. From developing projects for the new AirKeepers Citizen Science program to writing Air Quality Health Reports using EPA environmental justice tools and understanding how we bring...

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Action Alert: Say NO to Garbage Juice

Two wrongs don’t make a right. Taking toxic landfill wastewater accumulating for years and then blasting it through a high-speed fan that turns it into tiny particles in the air is a public health concern. North Carolinians should have the opportunity to weigh in on...

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Clean Air Carolina Calls on Governor Cooper to Stop Enviva

Between 2010 and 2014, Enviva has opened five wood pellet facilities in the Southeastern United States— a region whose forests have fallen prey to the booming wood pellet industry. Rather than using leftovers from other timber-clearing activities, Enviva has been...

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