Richmond County, NC needs your help to stop a biomass wood pellet facility that is riddled with asthma-inducing health impacts, is not wanted by the community, threatens to destroy natural hardwood forests, and is a terrible environmental injustice. Enviva, the world’s largest exporter of wood pellets, is threatening the livelihoods of communities, forests, and the climate by proposing to build their fourth wood pellet biomass facility in North Carolina, but the small-town community members of Richmond County are rising up to say “No!”

You can help stop this facility.

Rise up with Richmond County! Take action to tell the Department of Environmental Quality and Governor Cooper to stop Enviva.

No one should have to face a plant like Enviva’s wood pellet facilities. Concerned citizens fear the facility will be an additional burden to their community, which is already suffering from multiple extractive industries, pollution, and economic hardship. In 2016 Richmond County was ranked 90 out of 100 counties in the State of North Carolina for health outcomes. Yet the NC Department of Environmental Quality issued permits to Enviva that contained false information regarding the plant’s location, violated air quality regulations, and they never held a public hearing, meaning citizens were denied a voice in the decision.

Our officials must do better to protect communities and stop giving handouts to corporations like Enviva.

Rise up with Richmond County.

Big biomass is environmental injustice. DEQ never held a public hearing. The wood pellet swindle is bad for local economies, a threat to public health, degrades thousands of acres of natural forests, and decreases a community’s quality of life.

Take one minute on September 12 to call Governor Cooper and ask him to show his environmental leadership in NC by rejecting Enviva’s Richmond County permit.