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CAC’s June Blotnick Featured as ‘Powerful Profile’

(August 31, 2011)  Clean Air Carolina's Executive Director June Blotnick is featured in this month's Power2 "Powerful Profile".  When asked "What advice or tips do you have for those looking for an easy way to do their part in clean air efforts?", June's response was:...

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Feds’ Put Brakes on Monroe Bypass

(August 25, 2011)  In a letter sent to the NC Turnpike Authority, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said that it is reconsidering its approval of the proposed 22-mile Monroe Bypass near Charlotte due to misinformation in the environmental analysis concluding there...

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Drive Drive August 11 – Win Big!

Instead of driving to work alone, try a clean commute on Thursday, August 11, 2011.  Ride the bus, carpool, telecommute, ride LYNX, walk, bike, or vanpool. You could win BIG! NC Air Awareness is sponsoring their annual "Don't Drive Day" on August 11th.  Residents* who...

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CAC Opposes Changes to Tree Ordinance

The city of Charlotte engineering staff has made a proposal to City Council to change Charlotte’s Post Construction Controls Ordinance (PCCO), a rule that requires developers to preserve natural areas on sites they develop in efforts to protect Charlotte's water...

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Support Clean Air Efforts: Turn Off Your Engine

Regional Idle Reduction Campaign ∙ Idle Reduction Toolkit Available ∙ Don’t Drive Day: 8/11 As gas prices continue to rise in the Carolinas, local clean air organizations are encouraging drivers to save money by turning their engines off.  Excessive and unnecessary...

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Tell EPA to Approve Mercury and Air Toxics Rule

Earlier this year, for the first time ever, the EPA proposed a strong standard, the Mercury and Air Toxics Rule, that requires U.S. coal-fired power plants to install pollution control technologies that cut emissions tied to asthma, cancer and heart attacks. The...

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Research Studies: PM2.5

Go back to: Research Studies PM2.5 Pollution Research 2012 Satellite imaging highlights association between pm 2.5 exposure and premature birth and birth weight in Massachusetts Itai Kloopg et al, from Environmental Health Ambient Air Pollution and the Risk of Acute...

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Research Studies: Diesel

Go back to: Research Studies Diesel Pollution Research 2012 Advanced Collaborative Emission Study (ACES) Subchronic Exposure Results: Biologic Responses in Rats and Mice and Assessment of Genotoxicity By Health Effects Institute View a press release for this report:...

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Research Studies: Ozone

Go back to: Research Studies Ground-level Ozone Pollution Research 2011 Climate Change and Your Health: Rising Temperatures, Worsening Ozone Pollution Report by Union of Concerned Scientists See technical appendix: click here See a press release for this report: click...

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Research Studies: Mercury

Go back to: Research Studies Mercury Pollution Research 2012 Health Effects of Ingestion of Mercury-polluted Urban Soil: An Animal Experiment Muccillo-Baisch et al, from Environ Geochem Health 2010 Mercury Exposure and Children's Health O'Reilly et al, from Curr Probl...

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