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Ozone Season Ends, but Air Pollution is a Year-Round Concern

by Mary Stauble October 31 isn’t just Halloween. It also marks the official end of ozone season in North Carolina (March 1 - October 31). Ozone is a colorless gas that occurs naturally in the Earth’s stratosphere, where it helps protect us from harmful ultraviolet...

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Announcing the 2019 Blue Sky Award Winners

This year’s State of the Climate will feature our 2019 Blue Sky Awards ceremony. Formerly known as the Airkeeper Awards, the Blue Sky Awards will recognize the individuals, organizations, and partners who have shown extraordinary commitment to tackling the climate...

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Wing Haven Partnership Expands Air Quality Education

by Mary Stauble Clean Air Carolina is excited to announce a new partnership with Wing Haven Garden & Bird Sanctuary to promote air quality education. Since its founding in 1927, Wing Haven has been offering visitors a look at Charlotte’s history and inspiring...

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Celebrate Climate Wins With Us at State of the Climate 2019

by Kerstan Ryan Pickell Though the climate crisis can feel insurmountable, it is important to occasionally take time to celebrate the progress we are making. That’s why Clean Air Carolina is excited to host State of the Climate next month, our annual celebration of...

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How a Waterdog is Helping Us Address Climate Change

by Daniel Parkhurst Last month Clean Air Carolina, along with Sound Rivers and the Center for Biological Diversity, settled a lawsuit with the North Carolina Department of Transportation (DOT) on a highway project called Complete 540. Represented by the Southern...

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