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Help a Davidson College Student & Become a CertifiedSaver!

A Davidson College environmental studies major and member of the Davidson Sustainability Information Lab, Becky Johnson ’16, needs your help! As part of her senior capstone research, Becky has developed an individual sustainability certification called CertifiedSaver,...

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ASU Students Learn How NGOs Promote Healthy Air Policies

Howard Neufeld, a professor in the biology department at Appalachian State University, wants the students in his Air Pollution and Climate Change class to know more than the just how air pollution effects plants. He also wants his students to know how the air...

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MAHA Speaks to State Officials Re: Amendments to AQ Rules

About 1,400 sources of air pollution in North Carolina will no longer be required to obtain air permits, if a new proposal from state officials is granted. Clean Air Carolina's Manager of Medical Advocates for Healthy Air, Laura Wenzel, attended a hearing in Raleigh...

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Clean Air Threatened by Governor’s Signing of H765

[PRESS RELEASE] With the stroke of his pen last Friday, Governor McCrory signed H765 into law, thus rolling back decades of progress in clean air improvements for North Carolina. Known as the Regulatory Reform Act of 2015, the law threatens a broad range of...

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Charlotte Welcomes NC Bike Summit and BiketoberFest

This past weekend uptown Charlotte was the center of the bicycle universe for North Carolina. Hundreds of bicycle enthusiasts, young and old, attended the 4th Annual NC Bike Summit brought to us by BikeWalk NC.  Sharing of best practices and struggles was the common...

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Students Learn About Air Quality from School Garden

Ground-level ozone is a pollutant that damages plant and human health. Students at Shamrock Gardens Elementary can see this first hand by monitoring their ozone garden right outside their classroom! On Friday October 16th, I assisted with a presentation to three...

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