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Meet Our Clean Air Summer Interns

Hi! My name is Margo Stockdale and I am one of the summer interns here at Clean Air Carolina. I’m a sophomore at Davidson College and was connected to Clean Air Carolina through a program called Sustainability Scholars! I’m originally from Atlanta, GA, but I’m living...

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EPA Tool Maps Environmental Justice Problem Areas

The negative health impacts of power plants, traffic and other pollution sources can have greater adverse effects to people living in low-income communities and communities that have high numbers of people of color. These communities are often called environmental...

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NC Air Awareness Team Learns about Ozone Gardens

NC Air Awareness is a public outreach and education program of the North Carolina Division of Air Quality (NCDAQ). The goal of the program is to reduce air pollution though voluntary actions by individuals and organizations. They invited Clean Air Carolina to their...

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Clearing the Air Around Hospitals

In Charlotte, a collaboration blooms that reduces air pollution at two medical construction sites. What happens when a big-league health system, clean-air advocates and construction companies sit down at the same table? Medical values influence building projects,...

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Ozone Garden Toolkit Now Available Online

The Ozone Garden Toolkit is for individuals, schools, and community organizations interested in connecting people to the natural world by making the topic of air quality fun and educational. Ozone gardens use ozone-sensitive plants to make invisible air pollution...

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