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Building Foundations of Citizen Science with EPA

Clean Air Carolina pushes contributory science forward once again. On March 1st, the staff officially embarked on a new partnership with the EPA to help “write the book” of environmental citizen science. Clean Air Carolina was one of only two organizations in the...

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Cannon School Students Become Citizen Scientists

Clean Air Carolina works with schools across North Carolina to engage students and their teachers in Citizen Science through our AirKeepers program. We are making air visible with the help of our partners and providing valuable information to on local air quality....

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What’s New at Clean Air Carolina?

Clean Air Carolina is excited to announce the launch of our “new & improved” website! We have merged our Medical Advocates for Healthy Air and NC BREATHE Conference websites with to offer you a "one-stop-shop" for the latest on air quality in...

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Particle Pollution Contributes to Dementia and Alzheimer’s

The surprising link between air pollution and Alzheimer’s disease (LA Times, 1/31/17) With environmental regulations expected to come under heavy fire from the Trump administration, new research offers powerful evidence of a link between air pollution and dementia...

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AirKeepers Monitor Our Air

More people in the Charlotte region are starting to think about air quality.  New, low cost, portable technology is allowing people to monitor our air in real time, for fine particulate matter also known as PM2.5. Clean Air Carolina (CAC) has purchased some of these...

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