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Victory for Clean Air and Water against Bromides

Clean Air Carolina, along with its partners, the Catawba Riverkeeper Foundation and Southern Environmental Law Center recently secured a major win for clean air and clean water. Duke Energy withdrew its request to add halide salts or bromides to control mercury...

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Citizen Scientist: The Answer is Blowing in the Wind

Most people accept that coal is a dirty fuel: Dirty to mine, dirty to burn, and dirty to dispose of the ash. Already there is a shift away from coal-fired power plants, but they still account for 30% of our electric power nationwide.

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Air and Climate Policy Are Social Policies

Social workers analyze policy through the lens of the most vulnerable people whom the policy would affect. Generally, the most vulnerable include children, the elderly, people of color, people with mental illnesses, and people living in poverty. Not coincidentally,...

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You’re Invited! 6th Annual North Carolina Bike/Walk Summit

Clean Air Carolina is again a proud sponsor of  the 6th Annual North Carolina Bike/Walk Summit and you’re invited! Clean Air Carolina and BikeWalk NC invite you to attend the 6th Annual North Carolina Bike/Walk Summit! The 2017 summit will be held Nov. 3-4 in...

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AirKeepers’ Memorial DATA Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend has come and passed, but the work of Clean Air Carolina’s AirKeepers didn’t take the day off.  Our special network of air pollution tracking monitors were actively detecting the air quality in mecklenburg county over the holiday.   What we found...

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Air pollution from traffic deadlier than thought

Medical Advocates for Healthy Air advises health practitioners working with patients presenting with respiratory and cardiovascular diseases to investigate whether they live near heavily-trafficked roadways, where they can be exposed to traffic-related air pollution...

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MAHA Intern Hopes to Take Advocacy Skills to China

Hailing from Guangzhou in southern China, Medical Advocates for Healthy Air’s 2017 Stanback intern Peijia Yan recently completed her first year in the Master in Environmental Management program at Duke University’s Nicholas School of the Environment.

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Citizen Scientist: Ammonia

Citizen Scientist Blog William H. Schlesinger is one of the nation’s leading ecologists and earth scientists and a passionate advocate for translating science for lay audiences. A member of the National Academy of Sciences, he has served as dean of the Nicholas School...

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