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Reducing Traffic Pollution Linked to Longer Lives

Urban Air Pollution While small cities in many European countries meet the air quality standards put forth by the European Union (EU) over 400,000 premature deaths in Europe can be attributed to air pollution. In Malmö, Sweden, Lund University performed an...

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ALERT: Help Save Future NC Light Rail Projects

“Tucked deep inside a revised state budget released Monday is a one-sentence paragraph that could effectively kill future light rail projects in Charlotte and across the state.” – Charlotte Observer Can you take quick action and urge your legislators to oppose this...

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Cleaner Emission Regulations Mean Clean Air for NC Coast

International Maritime Organization Regulations Continue to Tighten for Sulphur Emissions Kandyce Dunlap Sulphur oxide and its regulations Studies have shown that ships are a competitively energy-efficient form of worldwide goods transport when compared to aviation,...

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GUEST BLOG: Translational Ecology

Science at the EPA by Bill Schlesinger Controversy reigns at the Environmental Protection Agency. EPA administrator, Scott Pruitt with the help of Congressman Lamar Smith (R-Texas), is proposing to censor some forms of science that have been used to formulate...

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MAHA is now at The Frontier

The MAHA office has moved from the MidwayBusiness Building in Chapel Hill to The Frontier in the Research Triangle Park (RTP). The new office space will allow MAHA to be centrally located in the Triangle and take advantage of the many amenities and professional development opportunities offered by The Frontier and RTP.

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Air Equality – Richmond County Goes Online

Citizen Science is all about crowd-sourcing data for the greater good, however, the most important part of crowd-sourcing is the crowd.  AirKeepers like the Concerned Citizens of Richmond County are the champions for what can ensure the area remains a healthy and historic place to live.

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Ozone Garden Workshop

Learn how to create your own Ozone Garden at home Did you know ozone pollution not only impacts human health, but plant life too? Join Clean Air Carolina at Wing Haven in Charlotte on Saturday, June 9, 9am-10:30am, to learn more about ozone pollution, how it impacts...

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Guest Blog: The Health Effects of Air Pollution

Exposure to particle pollution from haze, dust, and smoke can cause adverse cardiac and respiratory effects – and even premature death. Certain populations are more vulnerable than others. The American Lung Association considers children, older adults, people with outdoor careers, those with a medical history, or people living in close proximity to a highway or factory to be at high risk for negative effects of air pollution.

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VW Settlement – Share Your Ideas by May 3

The N.C. Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has scheduled a series of stakeholder information sessions on the Draft State Mitigation Plan that will invest the first phase of $92 million in projects aimed at reducing pollution impacts from diesel emissions.  DEQ...

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