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N.C. is ‘leading the check’ on Atlantic Coast Pipeline

If you haven’t heard yet, the Atlantic Coast Pipeline is not a done deal in North Carolina. Recently, Duke Energy and Dominion Energy spoke of the likelihood that the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) will soon begin pumping fracked shale gas from West Virginia and points...

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MAHA Gives Lectures on Air Quality at Lenoir Rhyne University

“Why target medical and health professionals for air pollution education and advocacy? Because the public trusts you,” said MAHA Manager Rachel McIntosh-Kastrinsky, MSPH, during her guest lectures at Lenoir-Rhyne University. According to a Gallup Poll, nurses,...

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Matthews Township is on the Map!

Matthews Township, NC. Home of beautiful weather, the Charlotte Independence, and now a custom built air quality sensor station. Over the summer one of Clean Air Carolina’s AirKeepers, and Matthews resident, Gordon Miller, participated in special work with us...

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Students Learn about Air Quality with Citizen Science

In October students at the new J. T. Williams Montessori School in Charlotte became citizen scientists as they used portable air sensors and tablets equipped with GPS to measure levels of fine particulate matter (PM 2.5), an invisible air pollutant on their school...

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Why I Care About Clean Air

Ever since I started college, people have been asking me what I want to study or what I plan to pursue as a major. When I tell them that I am interested in the environment and medicine, they are always perplexed. They ask me how I am interested in two topics that have...

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The Exposures of Summer

Summer is the time for yard work.  Love it or hate it, millions of Americans maintain lawns at their homes, using a variety of tools.  Those tools can be a source of pollution, as our AirKeeper Robert Parr found out. Gas-powered lawn mowers are not subject to the same...

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