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Can Air Pollution Age Your Skin?

As concerns about air pollution’s impact on human health continues to grow, the skin care industry is beginning to study how fine particles affect your skin. Check out this recent article published in the Wall Street Journal, Beauty Companies Want to Protect...

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Interns Monitor PM in Vulnerable Communities

A team of Davidson and Duke interns led by CAC Executive Director June Blotnick and Medical Advocates for Healthy Air advisor Dr. Bob Parr measured fine particulate matter at various sites in Wilmington on July 1 and 2.  Armed with two DustTrak measurement devices and...

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NC Sues EPA over Particulate Matter Regulations

North Carolina’s environmental regulators have sued federal environmental officials over stricter rules to limit particulate matter. Current measurements are based on levels from the 1970s. Clean Air Carolina thinks its high time to update regulations and base them on...

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