Author: Calvin Cupini

Clean Energy Soon To Surpass Natural Gas

Natural gas is viewed as a cleaner alternative to the traditional use of coal as baseload energy for utilities. The decreasing price of natural gas has lead to a replacement of much of the U.S. reliance on coal for energy, effectively acting as a bridge fuel until zero-carbon energy sources such as wind and solar become the standard.

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Announcing the 2018 Interns!

New Faces, New Projects, New Forces for Change Clean Air Carolina would like to welcome our new summer interns who will be joining the Medical Advocates for Healthy Air (MAHA) and AirKeepers Programs. Our interns will be working collaboratively on county-specific air...

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Air Equality – Richmond County Goes Online

Citizen Science is all about crowd-sourcing data for the greater good, however, the most important part of crowd-sourcing is the crowd.  AirKeepers like the Concerned Citizens of Richmond County are the champions for what can ensure the area remains a healthy and historic place to live.

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Guest Blog: The Health Effects of Air Pollution

Exposure to particle pollution from haze, dust, and smoke can cause adverse cardiac and respiratory effects – and even premature death. Certain populations are more vulnerable than others. The American Lung Association considers children, older adults, people with outdoor careers, those with a medical history, or people living in close proximity to a highway or factory to be at high risk for negative effects of air pollution.

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GUEST BLOG: There’s Something in the Air -Mattie Marshall

Ross, Marshall, and Hughes have been dedicated to tracking the air quality of the west side using special monitors provided by Clean Air Carolina. As the first AirKeepers to use the new home monitors, they have served as citizen scientists and have been collecting, tracking, and helping to interpret the air quality data captured by their devices.

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