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Legislators Considering Dangerous Air Quality Provisions

A small group of legislators from the NC House and Senate are meeting in a conference committee to work out the details of HB 765, the Regulatory Reform Bill of 2015. A number of provisions in this bill would either worsen our air quality or make it harder to protect....

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MAHA Urges NC Legislators to Protect Us from Air Pollution

North Carolina has been a leader in clean air, with initiatives like the Clean Smokestacks Act of 2002, the move to clean diesel and the rapidly-growing renewable energy industry. That’s why it was so disappointing to see the 50-plus pages of reckless environmental...

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NC Doctor: Ending Air Quality Protections Endangers Health

There is an unseen element in our environment that can affect our health as well as the health of our children. We have been working to protect North Carolinians from that element, but now the General Assembly is considering taking those protections away. This unseen...

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ACT NOW: NC Air Monitors Threatened Again

A year ago, NC operated over 130 air quality monitors across the state; today there are only 74. What's worse? State legislators are pushing a mega-bill (H765) that includes provisions to remove even more of our state's protective air quality monitors. Dirty air...

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Greenville, NC Clears the Air with Anti-idling Signs

MAHA Advisory Board Member Dr. James Kenny guided the city of Greenville, NC take a significant step toward reducing air pollution this year. He spearheaded a campaign for the city council to pass a resolution to install No Idling signs in the publicly-owned parking...

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