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Tell Gov McCrory to VETO H765

NC legislators have passed a mega-bill (H765) full of damaging environmental provisions. If signed by the governor, this bill will remove environmental safeguards that have been keeping North Carolina's water, air, and families safe. Clean Air Carolina and Medical...

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H765 and Air Quality: Jones Street has it in for the Joneses

Air pollution impacts our lives in surprising ways, and some of the worst impacts don’t happen all at once, but as a gradual accumulation of stresses. Unfortunately, a bill currently being negotiated in the NC General Assembly boosts the harms of air pollution in just this way: a series of weakening changes that add up to bigger risks to our kids, our families, and ourselves.

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Every Air Monitor Must Stay: Tell NC Legislators NO to H765

A year ago, NC operated over 130 air quality monitors across the state; today there are only 74. What's worse? State legislators are pushing a mega-bill, Regulatory Reform Act of 2015 (H765), that includes provisions to remove even more of our state's protective air...

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MAHA Promotes Clean Power Plan at NC Pediatric Society Meeting

Nurses and doctors are the top-ranked professions in the public’s perception of honesty and integrity, according to a recent Gallup poll, which is the reason why medical professionals are such effective policy advocates, Mark Del Monte, policy analyst for the American...

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Legislators Considering Dangerous Air Quality Provisions

A small group of legislators from the NC House and Senate are meeting in a conference committee to work out the details of HB 765, the Regulatory Reform Bill of 2015. A number of provisions in this bill would either worsen our air quality or make it harder to protect....

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