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STOP Multi-Year Ratemaking Today!

House Bill 624 would serve as a blank check for Duke Energy and would reduce accountability and transparency. The proposal lacks protections for consumers, allowing utilities like Duke Energy to put forward plans that primarily protect their revenue and could lead to potential rate hikes.

Thank You City Durham City Council!
The City Council of Durham made the historic and important decision to pass a resolution that will move the City to 100% renewable energy by 2050. Our supporters sent notes of thanks for their proactive efforts to move away from our reliance on dirty fuels!

Challenge from Clean Air Groups Forces NC Wood Pellet Factory to Install Pollution Controls
Charlotte, June 3, 2019 – The world’s largest manufacturer of wood pellet fuel for power plants, Enviva, agreed to install air pollution-reducing equipment at a biomass plant under construction in Richmond County, North Carolina, in a settlement finalized today after three conservation groups challenged its state permit. Read more >>


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Advocacy Blog


How a Waterdog is Helping Us Address Climate Change

by Daniel Parkhurst Last month Clean Air Carolina, along with Sound Rivers and the Center for Biological Diversity, settled a lawsuit with the North Carolina Department of Transportation (DOT) on a highway project called Complete 540. Represented by the Southern...

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Guest Blog: Striking For Our Future

by Mary Ellis Stevens A lot has changed since my first climate strike in the freezing rain back in February — I’ve swapped my beanie for sunglasses and a trucker hat and replaced my down sleeping bag with a bottle of sunscreen. Friday’s security shift at the...

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Clean Air Carolina’s 2019 Interns Look Back on Busy Summer

by Robert Wear, Emma Frantz, and Kelby Welsh As the summer draws to a close, so are the summer internships of Rob, Emma, and Kelby, though we are excited to announce that Kelby will be staying on at Clean Air Carolina as a fall intern! Here are some of the highlights...

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Our Clear Cut Problem

by Daniel Parkhurst As you may have seen from our recent posts about the wood pellet industry in North Carolina, Clean Air Carolina is working hard to reduce dangerous emissions from Enviva and other biomass producers. Manufacturing wood pellets releases air...

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