U.S. New Year’s Resolution: Stay in the Paris Climate Accords and Protect Our Health

Jan 8, 2020

by Rachel McIntosh-Kastrinsky

From exposure to extreme weather and heat waves to worsening air pollution and the spread of insect-borne disease — the climate crisis is a health crisis. But as Australia burns from catastrophic wildfires linked to our changing climate, the Trump Administration is finalizing the process to officially remove the United States from the Paris Climate Accords.

The Paris Agreement is the best tool we have available to achieve the carbon emission reductions we need to avoid the worst of the climate catastrophe. It is also an opportunity for our country to be a leader in addressing this major public health crisis that will affect all Americans. Failing to uphold America’s climate commitments will cause serious and irreversible damage to our health.

Millions of Americans are currently kicking off New Year’s resolutions to be healthier in 2020. We need our leaders to do the same. That’s why MAHA, along with the American Medical Association and nearly 20 other health groups, is joining a campaign asking the Trump Administration to make its resolution to remain in the Paris Climate Accord and protect the health of our Nation.

Stand with thousands of doctors, nurses, and health professionals across the U.S. in urging the Trump Administration to STAY in the Paris Climate Accords and protect the health of our nation! Add your name to the open letter organized by the Medical Society Consortium on Climate & Health today.