Court Partially Halts North Carolina Legislature’s Power Grab

Aug 22, 2018

Clean Air Carolina and the NC NAACP won a partial victory on August 21 in our fight to prevent four power-shifting constitutional amendments being placed on the fall ballot. Read the Press Release >>

The Wake County Superior Court issued an injunction to stop the North Carolina legislature’s efforts to place two of the amendments on the ballot this fall relating to judicial vacancies and state boards and commissions, while denying our petition to halt two additional misleading amendments relating to voter ID requirements and income tax rates.

We are grateful for the court’s decision on two of the amendments, but are frustrated with their failure to see the injustice in the legislature’s efforts to limit voting rights and play politics with the state’s budget. Clean Air Carolina also disputes the court’s finding that we do not have standing in the case. All of the amendments would impact North Carolinians’ ability to participate in the democratic process of advocating for clean air through the courts, through boards and commissions, through the legislative budget process and through the ballot box. CAC has given its members and environmental groups a voice in this important battle for democracy in our state.

While we dispute the standing issue, we strongly support Southern Environmental Law Center’s move to quickly appeal the case today with the NC NAACP because of the tight timeline related to ballot printing. We want to ensure these important issues are heard by the Supreme Court as soon as possible.

We will keep you updated as this important case continues to develop.