Action Alert: Wilmington Facility May Increase Toxic Pollution

Mar 23, 2018

Clean Air Carolina is following the permitting process for Tima Capital, Inc.’s Wilmington facility. A new public hearing was announced on March 22. Read more about the Wilmington facility. See details of proposed facility below.

The North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality, Division of Air Quality hereby gives notice that the following facility has applied for the approval to construct and operate a methyl bromide fumigation operation at the following location. Tima Capital Inc (currently Royal Pest Solutions, Inc.) 800 and 810 Sunnyvale Drive Wilmington, NC 28412 New Hanover County.

This facility’s application for the proposed facility was reviewed by the DAQ to determine compliance with the requirements of the North Carolina Environmental Management Commission air pollution regulations. The results of that review led to a preliminary determination that the project could be approved, and the DAQ air permit issued, if certain permit conditions are met. This notice serves as a notice of opportunity for public comment for this proposal to be published in the Wilmington Star-News on or about February 23, 2018.

A copy of all data and the application submitted by Tima Capital, Inc. (currently Royal Pest Solutions, Inc.) and other material used by the DAQ in making this revised preliminary determination are available for public inspection during normal business hours at the following locations:

NC DEQ Division of Air Quality or Air Permits Section


Information on the permit application and the staff review are available by writing or calling.

Urva Patel

N.C. Division of Air Quality

1641 Mail Service Center

Raleigh, NC 27699-1641

(919) 707-8405

Interested persons are invited to review these materials and make comments to the address indicated above. Comments must be postmarked no later than March 25, 2018. After weighing relevant comments received and other available information on the project, the DAQ will act on the Tima Capital Inc (currently Royal Pest Solutions, Inc.) application. William D. Willets, P.E. Chief, Permitting Section, NCDEQ

Link to permit:

For more information or assistance contact: Terry Lansdell, Public Policy Manager, [email protected]