Clean Air for Cliffside

Feb 25, 2018

Local landmark to host first-of-its-kind air sensor

Historic Cliffside, North Carolina is home to many people who love the state and care deeply about its natural environment.  Rutherford and Cleveland Counties are home to some of the former mill communities that put North Carolina’s textile industry on the map. Those days, however, have passed, and many of the original residents have left.

Historic Investment

Johnny White and Ladonna Dedmond are just two of the citizens who have decided to not only stay in the area but instead invest and make an improvement in the place they call home.  The historic Cliffside Baptist Church is currently undergoing a complete renovation.  The site (pictured) will be the center point of community revitalization in the area.  Soon, the space will be open for hosting events, screening films, and hosting concerts and speaker series.  

Broad River Alliance

David Caldwell of the Broad River Alliance didn’t just see a renovated old church, but an opportunity.  He arranged a meeting with Calvin Cupini of Clean Air Carolina, Ladonna Dedmond of Cleveland County, and Johnny White at his restaurant “The Dutch Broad at Cliffside.”  Two sites for the monitoring network were chosen, and one will be the historic church!  Soon, Rutherford and Cleveland Counties will not only be reinventing their communities but will be contributing to an air quality monitoring network for all citizens of North Carolina!