Talking the Talk, by Walking the Walk

Sep 11, 2017

Brian Kornegay AirCastin

One of Clean Air Carolina’s interns conducted his own citizen science research over the summer.  Brian Kornegay, a student at UNC Pembroke, embarked on a summer project to measure PM2.5 levels across various areas in North Carolina.  The goal of the project is to put Citizen Science practices in motion and develop a study of the variation in levels of exposure based on where you live.

Over the course of the summer months, Brian studied peer reviewed research, screened locations with the help of EPA’s EJ Screen Tool, and developed a methodology.  Then, came weeks of diligent surveying of pollution levels, using the AirBeam PM2.5 sensor, along with the same route.

The result was this study, the first ever remote citizen science study in Clean Air Carolina’s history.  His work will become a rubric for the monitoring of particle pollution in areas around the state by using mobile monitors.

To find out more about how you, or a student you know, can complete a survey of air pollution in your area, become an AirKeeper today!

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