A conversation on ozone with UNC Charlotte & Mecklenburg County Air Quality Commission

Sep 6, 2017

Dr. Brian Magi

Ozone, what it is and where it comes from?

This year, for the Charlotte region, has been a challenging season for ozone pollution and the particles, gases and other volatile organic compounds that create it. As a professor at UNC Charlotte, member of the Mecklenburg County Air Quality Commission and a Clean Air Carolina board member Dr. Brian Magi presented a fantastic primer on ozone and its formation. With all [add photo]the commission members and much of staff present, Brian used humor, formulas, and graphics to show why this year ozone is more prevalent and how that has made the region one bad ozone day away from backsliding into non-attainment.

Ozone, air pollution and you

Brian Magi was gracious enough to prepare and share one of his PowerPoints, that explains how ozone is created and how it impacts the health of every human and every human system. [add body photo] If you do not know the health impacts already, ozone and air pollution affect almost every organ and system in the body but much of the damage is in the lungs and is a major contributor to school absences in the area. Its impact comes in many forms but the most common are asthma and other respiratory illnesses.

Your turn to learn and join

You can view the PowerPoint at your leisure and Brian Magi has made himself available for any questions or comments at brian.magi@uncc.edu. We also want you to visit Mecklenburg County Air Quality to sign up for action alerts to help you understand the daily impact air has on your life. We also hope that you will venture deeper into our website for more information on how you can join Clean Air Carolina’s efforts to reduce ozone and contribute to the conversation on regional, state and federal efforts to protect us from ozone pollution.



Mecklenburg County Air Quality Commission Presentation