Asthma Campers Learn about Air Quality

Aug 19, 2017

Clean Air Carolina was at Camp Open Airways in Kannapolis, NC this August leading a session on air quality education for 29 kids with asthma. High School volunteers assisting with the program held air quality flags up for the campers to see as they learned a song about the air quality index. They followed this with ways to protect their health when air quality is poor and read a story about particle pollution, The Magic School Bus Gets Cleaned Up. Children learned ways to protect air quality by conserving energy, carpooling and having parents turn off their engines when waiting in lines.

Air Quality Index flags

Camp Open Airways is a program of the Jeff Gordon Children’s Hospital which is part of Carolinas HealthCare System. The camp helps kids with asthma learn about the disease and how to cope with everyday activities. A wonderful group of doctors and nurses were there helping organize and facilitate this program for children, ages 7 to 11.

Clean Air Carolina shared how they are making air visible with their new citizen science air monitoring program. An AirBeam monitor allowed campers to see fine particulate matter in the air in real time and become aware of dangerous particle pollution they are exposed to. Having tools like the Air Quality Index and the AirBeam, help people make better decisions to protect their health. Educating children and parents about air quality’s impact on asthma is one of the goals of our Clear the Air for Kids Program.