Take Action for Clean Energy

Mar 31, 2017

While federal climate policies seem to be taking a leave of absence from reality, here in North Carolina, there are three great legislative proposals to support. Clean Air Carolina sent supporting letters with over 122 signatures to key legislators in support of the following three proposals that will further our state’s leadership in addressing climate change.

Supporting Clean Energy/Creating Green Jobs

House Resolution 401 – Sponsored by Representatives Harrison, Autry, Fisher, and Farmer-Butterfield, with 12 co-sponsors, this legislation supports a state goal of 100% clean energy by 2050 and the creation of green jobs.

Read Text/Status of bill here – Read our Support Letter for HR401

Efficient and Affordable Energy Rates

House Bill 427/Senate Bill 236 – Sponsored by Senators Woodard, Foushee, and Smith-Ingram and Representatives Insko, Fisher, Harrison, and Autry, with eight co-sponsors, it requires the NC Utilities Commission to establish tiered electricity rates to encourage energy conservation and energy efficiency, creates an energy efficiency bank to be used for loans for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects, and creates incentives for the purchase of Energy Star appliances. (Energy Star is an energy-efficiency certification.)

Read Text/Status of HB 427 here – Read Our Letter of Support for HB 427
Read Text/Status of SB 236 hereRead our Support Letter for SB 236

Thank you for taking action!