MAHA to Gov McCrory: Address Climate Change with a Strong Clean Power Plan for North Carolina

Jan 27, 2016

The EPA’s Clean Power Plan, the first national effort to address the carbon emissions that cause climate change, supports a transition to reduce carbon pollution that is already underway in the power sector. It provides a feasible carbon reduction target tailored for each state, and requires each state to submit a plan for achieving its target. The North Carolina Division of Environmental Quality’s (DEQ) has proposed a plan intentionally designed to fail so that the state can sue the EPA.

More than 16,000 North Carolinians, incensed that the state plan not only fails to address climate change but also uses taxpayer dollars to challenge the EPA, submitted comments to the DEQ. Among those were 172 members of Medical Advocates for Healthy Air (MAHA), including doctors, nurses, public health officials, health educators, respiratory therapists, social workers and health researchers, who signed a letter addressed to Governor McCrory, urging him to take the health impacts of climate change seriously and to implement a plan that harnesses the abundant, emissions-free renewable energy resources available to us.

The below map of the letter signers indicates the statewide support among MAHA members for a robust energy response to climate change. The numbers in pink circles indicate the quantity of signers in a region, while the red pins indicate a single signer in a region.

MAHA Members across North Carolina call for a strong Clean Power Plan Link:
MAHA Members across North Carolina call for a strong Clean Power Plan. Link to map.