NC Mobile CARE Awards Highlight Charlotte Fire Department’s Anti Idling Commitment

Oct 23, 2015

12On October 20, many individuals and organizations were recognized for reducing transportation emissions at the 2015 NC Mobile Clean Air Renewable Energy Awards ceremony held during the NC Clean Transportation Tour.

The “Organizational Award” went to the City of Charlotte which has a policy, since 2010, that directs its vehicle fleets to limit engine idling to no longer than five minutes.  While public safety vehicles are exempt from the idling policy, the majority of City vehicles are required to follow the policy to limit idling.

The Charlotte Fire Department has consistently looked for ways to reduce their idling impacts without jeopardizing public safety. The department was recognized for its investment in auxiliary power units (APU) for the main engines of its fire trucks which has yielded huge environmental and fuel savings. With a fire truck using over 3 gallons of fuel per hour while idling, APU’s can reduce that usage by 80%.  This effort reduces idling fuel consumption, reduces their carbon dioxide emissions from one truck by as much as 66 pounds per hour!

There are many solutions to diesel pollution that are simple, easy, cheap and effective.  We are proud of the City of Charlotte and the Charlotte Fire Department for embracing many of these solutions to protect the health of our community!

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