CAC Teams Up with EnergySage to Help You Go Solar!

May 8, 2015

We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with the online solar energy marketplace: EnergySage! This incredible service allows you to input the energy needs of your home, get a quote, and then shop around local installers who will compete for your business; this keeps the market both accountable and affordable. Even better? Our relationship with EnergySage means that when you make a responsible, sustainable decision to move forward with renewable energy, a portion of your investment gets donated to Clean Air Carolina, allowing us to continue with our community education and advocacy programs.

If you have been thinking about going solar, there is no better time than now to move forward with the help of EnergySage. EnergySage’s website is so user friendly that you can shop, compare, and explore solar energy in your area at the click of a button… there are even resources to educate yourself about the science behind solar energy.

Why go solar in the first place?

Solar energy has become more and more affordable over the years, and EnergySage’s competitive listing system allows you to choose a fair market value price that is right for you. If you are currently affording your household’s electricity bill, you can seamlessly make the switch to solar with the added benefit of combating rising fossil fuel based energy costs. Not only will you be making a smart investment in a growing industry that is set to create millions of jobs in the next ten years, but you will also be increasing your property value as a homeowner should you ever desire to relocate. Financing options through loan and lease plans are available, or you can buy your system outright and see a 10-30% return on investment as your power begins to pay for itself.

Did you know? Mecklenburg County residents use 21% more electricity each month than the average American, and most of the county’s carbon footprint comes from transportation, natural gas, and electricity. Mecklenburg County residents can help reduce area carbon emissions and support sustainability throughout the region by making the investment in clean, renewable energy: solar. One household solar energy system can eliminate more than 140 tons of carbon emissions in its lifetime- the equivalent of planting 3,000 trees! Moving away from dirty energy can help us protect and improve Charlotte’s air quality and the health of its residents and wildlife.

How does it work?

Once installed, your new solar panels start converting sunlight into energy, which is dumped back into your community’s energy grid, reducing the overall reliance on dirty and unsustainable energy sources. Moving your household energy use to a renewable source like solar is a huge step that will help our state reprioritize sustainable choices, tackling everything from how we power our homes to how we transport ourselves every day.

Ready to get started?

Visit our landing page through EnergySage and browse the incredible resources they have supplied, ranging from how solar energy works to explaining the strength of investing in solar energy. We are excited to have the opportunity to help expand access to truly clean, affordable energy to all of North Carolina. For more information about how you can support solar energy access, visit our Action Page.