Month: July 2014

Dirty Air Doesn’t Monitor Itself

In July, NC legislators re-introduced provisions to the Regulatory Reform Act of 2014 (H761) that weaken North Carolina’s environmental and public health protections. Tell them this is unacceptable. Section V of H761 is a “polluter’s wish list” with provisions that...

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Interns Monitor PM in Vulnerable Communities

A team of Davidson and Duke interns led by CAC Executive Director June Blotnick and Medical Advocates for Healthy Air advisor Dr. Bob Parr measured fine particulate matter at various sites in Wilmington on July 1 and 2.  Armed with two DustTrak measurement devices and...

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Clean Air Carolina Around the State

Clean Air Carolina is working around the state to ensure better air quality for all North Carolinians and our visitors. From the mountains to the sea, we are building partnerships and mobilizing communities to stand up and speak out for healthy air. This summer, our...

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Health Webinar on Fracking in NC, July 17

Clean Air Carolina’s Medical Advocates for Healthy Air is hosting a free webinar on fracking in North Carolina. This webinar will give an update on the status of fracking in NC, provide medical and public health professionals a context regarding the scope of potential health impacts, highlight lessons learned from Pennsylvania communities and offer ways the medical community and residents can address the issue.

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