Know the Code, Take Action

Jun 26, 2012

The sky may be blue, and you might not see it, but pollution is lurking in the air. Ground-level ozone, triggered by the summer heat creates unhealthy air quality.  During days of high ozone pollution, our air is especially dangerous for seniors, children and those with asthma, emphysema or other lung and heart conditions. We can protect our health by knowing when and where air pollution levels are elevated. We can also take steps individually to help reduce air pollution on Air Quality Action Days.

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Take Action to Reduce Ozone

Smart Transportation:

  • Walk, bike, rollerblade, or take mass transit to reduce the miles you drive
  • Combine your errands and make one trip
  • Don’t sit in the drive-thru lane or idle your engine in the carpool lane at school
  • Pledge to make your next vehicle low-emissions or a hybrid!
  • Refuel after 6:00 pm, especially during the summer
  • Keep your tires inflated properly to save fuel and reduce pollution
  • Drive under 60 mph to save gas and reduce emissions
  • Keep your car in good running condition


Conserve Electricity: Nearly 60% of our electricity in NC comes from coal-fired power plants.

  • Use compact fluorescent light bulbs in your home
  • Join NC GreenPower to support renewable energy
  • Turn off your lights when not needed
  • Pledge to purchase only Energy Star appliances
Know the Code