CAC’s June Blotnick Featured as ‘Powerful Profile’

Aug 31, 2011

(August 31, 2011)  Clean Air Carolina’s Executive Director June Blotnick is featured in this month’s Power2 “Powerful Profile”.  When asked “What advice or tips do you have for those looking for an easy way to do their part in clean air efforts?”, June’s response was:

“An easy way to support clean air efforts is to support Clean Air Carolina with a $35 annual membership.  Go to to learn more about  Clear the Air for Kids!, Medical Advocates for Healthy Air, and our North Carolina Clean Diesel Campaign, to sign up for our free e-newsletter and to contribute.

Secondly, understand that you live and are raising your children in the 10th smoggiest city in the country according to the American Lung Association. Children are one of the groups most vulnerable to the effects of air pollution because breathing dirty air prevents normal, healthy lung development. Know the daily code to protect your health and the health of your family.  Go to and sign up to receive via email the daily forecast.

Take these other easy steps to improve air quality: 1) don’t idle your car for more than 30 seconds; 2) tell your friends, family, and carpool line drivers not to idle; 3) don’t use drive-thrus; 4) take a “clean commute” at least one day a week; 5) commit to using electricity more efficiently with a goal of reducing use by 20% (most of your electricity comes from burning coal). 6) understand that air pollution and climate change are both caused by burning fossil fuels-work to change state laws to spur the rapid development of clean, renewable, and sustainable sources of energy and fuels”.

Read her entire interview with Power2 here.

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