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Clean Air Carolina

In the two seconds it takes you to read this sentence you have taken about two breaths of air. That adds up to about 23,000 breaths a day. We want to make sure every breath you take is good for you.

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Most air pollution in NC is invisible and invisible air pollution can be the most deadly.

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North Carolina is one of the fastest growing states in the country.

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The anti-regulatory climate in the NC legislature has rolled back strong clean air policies.


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Action Alert

#RiseUp with Richmond County by calling Governor Cooper on September 12. Enviva, the world’s largest wood pellet producer, has plans to build yet another facility in NC in the small, rural community of Richmond County this fall. Richmond County does not want their forests to be destroyed or their health to be threatened by air pollution. Take one minute on September 12 to call Governor Cooper and ask him to show his environmental leadership in NC by rejecting Enviva’s Richmond County permit.


Wood Pellet Forum

Clean Air Carolina is a proud sponsor of The Wood Pellet Forum, a public event focusing on the effects of the wood pellet industry on the forests and environment of North Carolina. The forum will address the science behind the industry, including the social/health and international impacts, and legal issues with the industry. REGISTER NOW!


North Carolina Bike/Walk Summit

Clean Air Carolina is a proud sponsor of BikeWalk NC’s 6th Annual North Carolina Bike/Walk Summit! The theme for this year’s Summit is “Completing our streets … for all!” This event will be useful for anyone interested in topics ranging from bicycling advocacy to transportation planning, public health, and/or sustainability, just to name a few! Experts in a variety of fields will be on site to help educate, spread enthusiasm and awareness, and foster collaboration and communication for future endeavors. REGISTER NOW

CAC Launches Summer Meetings with Ozone Gardening

On Saturday, July 22, during the height of Ozone Season, we launched our very first membership meeting and a public workshop on how to create an Ozone Bio-monitoring Garden. Did you know ground-level ozone pollution not only impacts human health, but plant life too?...

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Citizen Scientist: Climate Change Economics

In the politically-charged world of climate change, an important paper appeared in Science last month, written by Solomon Hsiang and 11 others, assessing the regional impacts of the projected changes in climate on the economic productivity within the U.S.

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