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A Clean Air Summer: Farewell to Our Interns

Clean Air Carolina has had the pleasure to work with very talented interns this summer. From developing projects for the new AirKeepers Citizen Science program to writing Air Quality Health Reports using EPA environmental justice tools and understanding how we bring...

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Fracking Linked to Lower Birth Weight

According to a recent study, living close to a high number of “fracked” natural gas wells may be linked to an increased risk of having a lower birth weight baby. Hydraulic Fracturing, or “fracking”, allows access to large volumes of natural gas trapped in shale...

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Visualizing the Air Pollution Impacts of Fracking

There are two new press releases coming out of California this month. California is under the gun for a variety of air pollution attacks from oil and gas pollution. With air quality, not all pollutants can be seen or detected easily by humans. That is why science and...

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