Action Alert: How would you spend a $92 million settlement to reduce air pollution?

Dec 8, 2017

Clean air depends on a clean transportation system. It’s time to change the way we move our kids, ourselves, and our goods from place to place. Help Clean Air Carolina fight for zero-emission vehicles to help improve North Carolina’s environment, economy and the health of our most vulnerable communities by weighing in on the Volkswagen settlement. Action Alert.

What is the Volkswagen Settlement?

The State of North Carolina expects to receive $92,045,658 from the Volkswagen Mitigation Trust over the next 10 years. These funds represent a significant opportunity to mitigate the environmental harm caused by the offending Volkswagen vehicles sold in North Carolina without proper pollution controls. It’s also a prime opportunity to reduce air pollution in North Carolina caused by the transportation sector.

The North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) will administer these funds through a state mitigation plan. The objective is to gather information from the public before December 31 to help DEQ  determine the best use of the funds for North Carolina. DEQ is seeking input from governmental and non-governmental entities on the type and scope of projects that can achieve cleaner air.

How You Can Help

action alert vw settlement

Clean Air Carolina needs your help as an individual or as a business to prioritize projects that help communities most affected by mobile source pollution. We ask that you urge DEQ to use these funds to:

  1. Eliminate diesel engines in school buses and transit vehicles to protect our most vulnerable populations.
  2. Create electric vehicle corridors with charging stations along major interstates and in rural areas to support the next generation of vehicles.
  3. Replace airport ground support equipment that is some of the highest emitters of pollution.


Download and submit a request for information


  • Contact Phyllis Jones or Brian Phillips
  • Email: [email protected] 
  • Subject Line: Questions on NC VW RFI

Sample Script

*Feel free to personalize your story.

I am writing to urge DEQ to invest the $92 million in Volkswagen settlement funds in electric vehicles and infrastructure for electric vehicles in our schools, transit systems, airports, and along our roadways. Receiving this money is the first major step to a cleaner transportation sector in North Carolina that will improve our health, our environment, and our economy for years to come.


Whenever possible, I encourage DEQ to allocate the maximum allowable funds to provide for electric vehicle charging infrastructure along our roadways and in rural areas. In order to maximize the impact on children and transit users, I encourage DEQ to support the replacement of diesel school buses and transit vehicles with electric vehicles. Doing so will maximize the local economic impact and the reduction of air pollution children, transit users, and the general public are exposed to.


I encourage you to only use settlement funds to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels in our varied transportation sectors. This will build on previous state investments and support the transition to a 100% clean transportation sector in North Carolina.