CATS make clean buses a priority and Clean Air for Carolina!

Sep 7, 2017

CATS Tranist

A long time coming for cleaner buses in Charlotte.

It has been a long time coming for the Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) to invest so much money in vehicles and projects not directly associated with the fantastically successful Lynx Light Rail line.  Since the opening of the light railline CATS has had to rely less on its bus fleet and has been reducing the number of buses in the fleet, retiring them as the federal regulations allow.

Envision My Ride

Only months away from the opening of the Blue Line Extension, CATS is looking to reconfigure how they serve our community by redesigning their entire bus line routes, timing, and schedules. You can contribute to the conversation here.  With these new buses and the new routes, your times for travel will be reduced and the efficiencies of routes and buses will contribute less to our region’s air pollution.  CATS is working hard to create shorter routes that don’t require trips to uptown but integrate with the light rail more often.

What do we get?

CATS will replace 29 old polluting buses in its main fleet, it will replace 37 Special Transportation vehicles that are some of the oldest dirtiest vehicles in the fleet. They will be replaced with top of the line 40’ diesel buses, cutting edge hybrid buses, lighter and more fuel efficient Special Transportation Vehicles that put millions of miles of use on our roadways each year serving everyone living and visiting the Charlotte region.

Revenue neutral. Service extraordinary.

These fleet enhancements that create cleaner air for everyone, a better rider experience, and more efficient bus service are all coming at no extra cost to the region. When dreaming and visioning, we think of a transit system that was and a transit system that will be.  With this fleet turnover and the opening of new light rail line and street car line, we see a wonderful future for the region’s economy, mobility, and environment.

Come join the celebration and see the future at 10 am on September 8 at the CATS South Tryon Bus Maintenance Facility at 3301 Pelton St, Charlotte NC 28217