Month: August 2013

MAHA Summer Newsletter

This has been a busy summer for MAHA. We’ve submitted comments defending federal and state air quality, written medical sign-on letters, and crossed the state to expand awareness of MAHA and our mission. Please take a look at our latest newsletter to catch up!...

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CONNECT Our Future: Community Growth Workshops

Invest two hours and make a difference in the Charlotte region for the next 40 years! Participate in the CONNECT Our Future Community Growth Workshops to map out of your county and the whole Charlotte-metro 14-county region. Simply sign up to participate in one the...

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Take Action >> Say NO to More Air Pollution

Would you want more air pollution, if given the choice? Titan Cement, a proposed cement plant and limestone mine in Wilmington, NC, has recently requested to revise their 2012 air quality permit to allow for an additional 64,000 pounds of particulate matter emissions,...

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