Month: February 2013

CAC Plays Key Role in CONNECT Our Future

Did you know our 14-county region is the fastest-growing metro region in the country and is projected to double in population by 2050? That’s another 2 million + people! What will this future growth mean for traffic, educational systems, job creation, the...

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“Clean Construction” Pilot Credit Added to LEED

(1/23/13) Clean Air Task Force and United Rental today announced that their proposed “Clean Construction” pilot credit has been added into the US Green Building Council’s LEED Pilot Credit Library. The pilot credit aims to limit emissions from dirty diesel engines...

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New Climate Report: Ozone Projected to Increase

The Third Climate Assessment, a scientific report on how climate change will impact our future, was released for public review on January 14.  The 400 page document outlines the impacts a warming planet has on human health, water, energy, transportation, agriculture,...

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