Month: December 2002

Professional Actions

Below are some tips you can use to “green” your office! Use compact fluorescent light bulbs in your office(s) Use daylighting when possible! Turn off all lights when you leave a room or the office for the day Power-down all computers, printers and other...

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Personal Actions

Print our “8 Things Kids Can Do” Bookmarker! Smart Transportation: Walk, bike, rollerblade, or take mass transit to reduce the miles you drive Combine your errands and make one trip Don’t sit in the drive-thru lane or idle your engine in the carpool lane...

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Updates: UN Climate Change Conference

The 15th annual International Climate Change Conference kicked off Monday, December 7 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Leaders from 192 countries will convene over the next two weeks to produce what we hope will be a strong international agreement on climate action which will...

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