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Clean Air Carolina

We want to make sure every breath you take is good for you.


Carolina Stories with Miles O’Brien

A Carolina film series narrated by Miles O’Brien
on climate change, air quality, and human health.

Air (E) Quality

Highlighting Environmental Justice in North Carolina


GUEST BLOG: Connecting Communities with AQ Data

The AirKeepers program at Clean Air Carolina made a lot of positive impressions at the recent Air Sensors International Conference (ASIC) in Oakland, Calif.
ASIC attendees included regulatory scientists and engineers, air monitoring instrument manufacturers, academic researchers, regional community leaders, and community science groups. I met researchers from all over the U.S., but also Canada, Finland, Qatar, China, and Japan, and I’m sure I didn’t meet everyone.

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NC Needs Environmentally-Responsible Florence Recovery

Clean Air Carolina joins a consortium of North Carolina environmental advocacy groups in calling on state leaders to take a number of wide-ranging and environmentally-responsible recovery and future resiliency actions in the wake of Hurricane Florence. See the...

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Clean Air Carolina Joins the Call for Clean Steel Industry Power

Clean Air Carolina Executive Director June Blotnick teamed up with global campaign organization Mighty Earth on Oct. 3 to call for the U.S. steel industry to move toward carbon-free renewable energy, starting with Charlotte-based Nucor Corporation (NUE), the country’s largest steel producer.

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Op-Ed: Connecting Climate Change, Storms

By Miles O'Brien In a recent Op-Ed, environmental engineer Jason West implored the media to make the connection between intensifying storms and climate change. I couldn’t agree more. Just talking about the devastation of Hurricane Florence is not enough. It is...

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3 hours ago
To keep global warming in check, the world has to invest an average of around $3 trillion a year over the next three decades in transforming its energy supply systems, the IPCC says. It won't be cheap but change is already underway. #RenewableEnergy
8 hours ago
Check out today's @vicenews on what it's like to live in the midst of #NC 's industrial hog country. Cited in the piece is supporting research in the recent issue of @NCMedJ, co-sponsored by Clean Air Carolina. #EnvironmentalJustice